Ingo Debus debus at
Tue Nov 9 09:49:21 CET 1999

Christian Baumann wrote:
> Are the sine, triangle rectangle basic waveformes, where it is poosible
> to mix all thinkable sounds like a strings or piano ??
> I compared it to the primary colours red, yellow and blue, where you can
> mix all thinkable colours.

Our ears are much better that our eyes in this respect. The ears have a
frequency range of almost 10 octaves while the eyes have a frequency
range of only one octave (frequencies of visible light). With the ears
you can distinguish varios sounds from pure tones (sine waves) while for
the eyes it looks the same if a colour is made of one pure frequency or
a mix of several frequencies.
If the ears were as poor as the eyes, you had a hearing range of one
octave, and it would sound the same if a single note "E" was played or
two notes "C" and "G" were played togehther. Imagine that!


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