cv to midi???

Ingo Debus debus at
Tue Nov 9 09:36:28 CET 1999

CCartCat at wrote:
> Yamaha breath controller inputs and Roland expression pedal inputs seem to be
> stereo jacks where the tip goes to (in say an expression pedal/passive volume
> pedal) the pot wiper and the ring and sleeve (ground) go to opposing sides of
> the wiper/ends of the pot.

That's correct for Roland. With Yamaha (and others) expression pedals
it's the other way around: tip is pot end (=power supply) and sleeve is
pot wiper (=CV input).

> Guess the Roland's onboard voltage supply
> must be the ring (which is grounded out by the mono jack) and the controller
> pedal feeds its own variable positive voltage through the tip.

Yes, correct. You can also connect a simple foot switch with a mono plug
to those inputs. There's a pull-up resistor in the instrument too. The
power supply is shorted then by the mono plug, but that doesn't matter.
Because of the pull-up the input is rather low impedance, so it doesn't
work too good with a pedal with 100k pot.

I have two Yamaha devices with breath controller inputs (a DX7 and a
VL70-m). The breath controller  jack isn't a normal stereo (phone) jack,
it's something different.


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