volt control of osc triange tilt?

Paul Perry pfperry at melbpc.org.au
Tue Nov 9 02:45:21 CET 1999

At 05:42 PM 8/11/99 -0500, Caloroso, Michael E wrote:

>CEM3396.  Oberheim Matrix 6/1000 boxes have this capability.
>I also saw this feature in an LFO in either the Crumar Spirit or the Synton
Syrinx - can't remember which one.  Good luck finding a schematic for one of
these  :)
...well as it happens I've got a block schematic for the CEM3396.
I see a pulse width control input, and a waveshape control input,
but nothing to say the tilt of the triangle is variable..

perhaps Paul S can shed light!

paul p melbourne australia

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