keyboard triggered filter

Matthew Helt mhelt at
Mon Nov 8 21:19:00 CET 1999


  Im wondering if anyone knows about any such device available in a kit
or schematic form somewhere instead of me having to start from scratch
on this one (though i wouldnt mind much)

  for live performances and such it would be great to have a keyboard
that had an input and an output, and when you pressed a key the box
would tune the filter to that note (or chunk of audio spectra, im not
really into the idea of it filter all but that note) and then trigger
the filter. a switch to low pass for everything below that note and high
pass for above, along with a width respot for how much spectra in
bandpass mode would be ideal... 

  i use a 4 track wired into itself with a bunch of effects/eq's for a
feedback oscillator live, it would be neat to have even greater control
on what exactly the output is since the on board/osciallator eq's only
serve to shape the sound and having to run yet another eq would not be

  if nobody has leads on something like this, what kind of chips would I
start with? i want to get datasheets to start looking into this.

thanks to everyone for your help, this list is the best source of
information i have found yet,
 -matt helt

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