OT: Velleman PCS64 digital O'scope

Buck Buchanan voltagecontrolled at home.com
Mon Nov 8 19:05:49 CET 1999

Hello all,

Sorry for the OT but I trust the members of this list and questions
about this particular device have come up here before with no definate
conclusion as to it's performance.  At one time I spoke with at least
one S_DIY'er that was planning to buy this scope...

So has anyone have/used one?  With the new windows software it *looks*
like a neat thing but that doesn't mean much.  I've used extensively
various models of the Tek TDS (and related) series and wonder how this
thing stacks up.  I realize that's apples and oranges to a large degree.

Specific things about the Velleman scope I'm wondering:
How's the screen update?  Painfully slow or almost realtime like the TDS
boxes?  How 'bout the interface?  Can you quickly adjust settigs on the
fly? One possible drawback I saw was that it only allows you to change
trigger level in 1/2 division steps.  Does it support pre-trigger which
makes this not such a bummer?  Is there a delayed sweep/dual time base
mode? Does it step down it's sample rate drastically (like the TDS
boxes) at slower time base settigns?  What's the record length? 
Markers?  Auto measurements?  Also I'm interested in the usability of
the spectrum analzyer function.  Do you grab a sample in scope mode then
run FFT or does it run more like a real time spec an?

I'm currently debating between this device and the Tek TDS210 w/FFT
option. On that subject, if anyone has experience with the TDS210's FFT
package I'd love to hear how it works - the demo unit I used didn't have
this installed.

Thanks all for any opinions and information!


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