Simple CV controlers(?) w/ Joysticks(?)

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Mon Nov 8 17:03:56 CET 1999

Ok, I am thinking about building a simple CV source with manual
adjustments. I'm not sure how many seperate CV signals I want it to
send out quite yet, but what I am interested in knowing is how simple
it might be. 

In my head I am thinking about a power supply which gives +(?)V DC, and
simply from there, splitting that DC signal into several chanels, each
one having a switch to shut on&off the flow of DC (like a gate), and
pots for adjusting the amount of DC that gets through. Would it be that
simple? (Power source ---> switches ----> pots ---->CV out to module
inputs). I want to build a controler to use with a Blacet Dark Star
which has several CV inputs. Could it be as simple as getting a wall
wart with say, +9VDC, and splitting that into channels which from there
would get routed through switches and pots, and then out to the CV ins
of the dark star?

I was thinking that I could use Joysticks from old computers for this.
I see them all the time at thrift stores. Am I wrong in thinking that
this will work? It seems too easy and probably is.

Forgive me for my novice-ness, I seem to be perpetually a novice no
matter what I do... :)


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