cv to midi???

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> > It's easier to steal power form the midi line nowadays, as small
> > microcontrollers use tiny amounts of current.
> > It's so much nicer that having a wallwart.
> Hi,
> it may be a clever way to keep things cheap.
> But IMHO it's never _nice_ to use data lines for supplying power
> if they're not spec'd for that ;-)

Well it's not really a data line - more a pull-up for the open collector
output, but I know what you mean.
The shield line isn't supposed to be connected at an input.
Still, if it works...

I've never actually seen an electrical spec for a midi output stage.
Anyone know where it might be found ?
Since I make midi to din sync convertors that are powered from the midi
line, I'd be interested to see whether devices they don't work with are
still within the midi spec.

Colin f

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