cv to midi???

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> The Anatek products
> DO NOT work well with many Korg keyboards unless you use the 
> separate power
> supply.  I had nothing but trouble when I tried using a 
> pocket pedal with
> my Korg DSS-1 years ago.  According to someone at Anatek, it 
> had something
> to do with Korg.  I cannot explain it.  But, the power supply 
> fixed the
> problem just as they said it would.  I complained to them 
> about how erratic
> the product was, and along with their explanation of why Korgs were a
> problem with their products, they sent me a brand new pocket pedal and
> power supply no charge to get me back in business.  Now, THAT 
> is service.

Standard midi outputs have a ground connection (the shield), an open
collector data output and a +5v output (the current loop).
The data and +5v outputs should have a current limiting resistor or a couple
of hundred ohms.
Assuming you don't draw too much current, you can use the +5v and ground
lines for a power supply.
I guess the Korgs must use too high a value of resistor in the +5v output.

It's easier to steal power form the midi line nowadays, as small
microcontrollers use tiny amounts of current.
It's so much nicer that having a wallwart.

Colin f

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