Top octave dividers: A few ideas

Martin Czech martin.czech at
Mon Nov 8 09:08:06 CET 1999

Popping in:

I remember CD4059 dividers  and 4046 PLLs used as N/M ratio dividers
for good approximations of equal tempered sacles in an organ project
in 1984 or so "Funkschau Sonderheft".

The problem may be of course the lack of beating in octaves.
This may be the reason for the 13th oszillator.

>From the beauty point of view, a couple of free running
osc may nicer, but also more laborious to tune.

Perhaps a uC could be used today for giving random frequency
variations. btw: the plls could be used to turn frequency
steps into glides, eg. for vibrato.


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