Theory for beginners

--M mitch at
Tue Nov 9 03:43:27 CET 1999

    Hi all I have just started making some synth modules from kits and have
wanted to start trying to make a module from scratch, of course I am a total
electronic novice. I went down to radio shack and got some of those small
booklets on 555 timer circuits, op amps and digital logic circuits. I thought
these would be a good place to start.
    It seems to me that the op amp is a major player in the whole synth
thing. I see these in every schematic. maybe one of you could give a brief
bit of the theory or point me to a location on the web with more in formation
on op amps.
    One of the circuits I built was a voltage controlled oscillator built
around a 555 timer. This was the simplest of circuits it used 2 pots 2
resisters and a cap, very simple. I was wondering if anyone could point me to
a schematic on the web that uses this chip as a VCO module. I think this
would help me get an idea of how to incorporate these circuits into the
larger synth picture.
    Last of all I would like to ask what books would you all recomend for the
beginning electronics student?



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