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Mon Nov 8 01:59:57 CET 1999

> From: WeAreAs1 at
> One of the best things about the Anatek Pocket Pedal is that it not only
> a MIDI output that will send controller messages, but it also has a
> MIDI input.  This input allows you to place the Pocket Pedal anywhere in
> MIDI chain that it is needed.  For instance, you could use the Pocket
> to add MIDI Volume Control messages to the output of any old MIDI
> such as an old DX7, Poly 800, or a MIDI drum machine or sequencer.  The 
> Yamaha MCS2 that Larry Hendry was talking about also has this ability, as

> does the Peavey PC1600, which is pretty much the king of MIDI controller 
> devices (the jury is still out on the Kenton Control Freak, though it 
> certainly does show promise...)
> BTW, Anatek no longer makes those Pocket Pedals - they seem to have
> out of the MIDI business.  But a former Anatek employee, John Fast, has a

> small company named MIDI solutions that makes similar devices.  He has a 
> little box that works much like the Pocket Pedal, but which has more
> and is user-programmable via sysex.  I think he sells the box for about 
> US$119.  He also has a much more sophisticated box which has multiple
> inputs (I think about 8 inputs), for those who need to have access to
> MIDI controllers at once.  

Thanks for bringing up these other solutions Michael.  I have used both
these products and would like to add a few comments.  The Anatek products
DO NOT work well with many Korg keyboards unless you use the separate power
supply.  I had nothing but trouble when I tried using a pocket pedal with
my Korg DSS-1 years ago.  According to someone at Anatek, it had something
to do with Korg.  I cannot explain it.  But, the power supply fixed the
problem just as they said it would.  I complained to them about how erratic
the product was, and along with their explanation of why Korgs were a
problem with their products, they sent me a brand new pocket pedal and
power supply no charge to get me back in business.  Now, THAT is service.

More recently, I have purchased one of the MIDI Solutions products.  I do
not have their pedal product, but I got their channel filter.  WOW.  These
are MUCH better than the Anatek products for several reasons.  First, they
have an internal battery which keeps the memory active when not powered up.
 Anateks had to be programmed on each power up.  The filter has TWO
outputs.  So the MIDI IN can channelize two separate OMNI only receive
synths at the same time on different channels.  Third, the sysex
programming is better than those damn dip switches on the Anateks.  You
just send them a little hex string stored in your PC or sequencer and
program them on the fly without touching them.  These are VERY cool
products that are sometimes just perfect for integrating some older gear
into your rig.  Figuring out the hex string is very easy for the person of
average intelligence.

Larry Hendry

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