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<<However, none of this stuff worked from any voltage inputs "normally."  It

was all variable resistance of the external device.  But, I suppose that

does not necessarily preclude one from putting the appropriate voltage on

the correct pin of the input jack if the expected voltage range was known.

Sounds like that could be fun.  Anyone here have experience with putting a

CV into a Yamaha external controller connection?  I've got a couple of

these MCS2s and this sounds interesting.

Larry Hendry


FWIW, I'm a humble lurker/not an electronics genius, so all the following 
goes with the usual disclaimer:  your voltage may vary/don't blame me if 
sumthin blows up.  

Yamaha breath controller inputs and Roland expression pedal inputs seem to be 
stereo jacks where the tip goes to (in say an expression pedal/passive volume 
pedal) the pot wiper and the ring and sleeve (ground) go to opposing sides of 
the wiper/ends of the pot.  And I haven't done this with a Yamaha, but I've 
mistakenly used a self-powered controller pedal with a mono plug on the 
Roland input.   It works fine.   Guess the Roland's onboard voltage supply 
must be the ring (which is grounded out by the mono jack) and the controller 
pedal feeds its own variable positive voltage through the tip.  Dunno if your 
Yamaha gear would like that or not--I never tried it.   But if shorting out 
the onboard voltage is no big deal, I suppose your BC input could treated as 
a CV input.

Nowaways, I use a passive volume pedal instead with a stereo jack to two mono 
jacks insert cable as an expression/in-lieu-of-BC pedal.  But if you're not 
risking your gear in this fashion (anyone??), you can feed CV to MIDI 
expression and breath controller inputs.  

As for voltage ranges, the MIDI controller pedal I have (the DOD FX-17 
wah/vol/controller pedal) is 'sposed to go from 0 to +5 volts.  Now, how this 
compares to what analog CV gear puts out . . .

Hope this helps,

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