Christian Baumann cbaumann at
Sun Nov 7 13:22:27 CET 1999

Hello to all,

thank you very much for your information!! :-)

I looked around in the websides you recommended and it´s quite a flood
of information for me and I don´t know where to start.

I try to "repeat" about the necessary itmes of an analog synth, so far
as I understood ( please correct me if I am wrong.....and I thing there
is something wrong ).

First I need the VCO´s for creating the waveform´s , like sine, triangle
and propably rectangle and pulse.
Then  VCF´s to filter them and finally a VCA to amplify them.

Somewhere there must be the LFO´s for a kind of  bass for example, but I
don´t know where to put them in. Then there are the ADSR-Controlsliders.

Finally a good power supply, it must be very good, I think, because if
the voltage drops around some milivolts, the note will be out of tune,
or ??

Then, I´ve got still some questions:

Are the sine, triangle rectangle basic waveformes, where it is poosible
to mix all thinkable sounds like a strings or piano ??
I compared it to the primary colours red, yellow and blue, where you can
mix all thinkable colours.
Thus you may need three VCO´s, for creating the waveforms, VCF to soften
a particular waveform and then the VCA to get a stronger signal. Could
be that a structure of an anlog synthesizer ??

What happened if I would take more VCO´s ??

The most personally synth´s which I have found in the internet are a
kind of "box" and controlled by a midi-keyboard. Is it possible to build
a synthi or has somebody in the list built a synthi which has it´s own
keyboard ??

I looked at for the Fatman, and it sounds good. But if I
would build this synthi, is it possible to upgrade it, like adding some
more VCO´s ?

I read about the different types of synthesizer and I liked very much
the modular synthesizer, because of the inifnte possibillities of
creating sounds. Is this also possible with an analog one ?
Has somebody build such a modular type ?

Sorry that I ask you so much, but I´m very curiouse about this.


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