parts list for the moog superladder

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Sun Nov 7 16:07:33 CET 1999

Justin Herrmann wrote:
> I live in Kansas, and I am a little confused with the parts value
> labeling for Tony Allgood's superladder moog filter.  100K = 100,000 ohms,
> 1M = 1,000,000 ohms, 150R = 150 ohms?, 2K2 = ?, 2M2 = ?, and some
> capacitors are labeled uF or nF, but on others, just n or u, is there any
> difference?  Some clarification would help, as I'm planning on building
> the superladder and getting the right parts helps.
>                 -- thanx in advance, Justin Herrmann --

You should definitely check with Tony Allgood if you have questions about
specific values, but the American to International translation involves
the use of the decimal place.  From Craig Anderton's "DIY Projects for
Guitarists," a 4.7M resistor in US coding would be a 4M7 in International
code.  A 2.2uF capacitor would be a 2u2 capacitor (no F in the code, either).
For the record, this book contains a really clear brief introduction to 
reading schematics if you know someone who is a true beginner.

The best article on such schematic coding differences that I have read is 
Ray Marston's "Electronic Circuit Symbols and Notations" (Nuts and Volts, 
December 1998, v. 19, no. 12, pages 27-31).  He showed five different 
versions of the exact same schematic.  He also showed how, using a small 
font, the decimal can easily get lost when a schematic is reproduced.  
(Back issues:  The International coding avoids this 

Also, just as a sidebar, Horowitz and Hill have a great couple of pages
on how to draw schematics (Appendix E, p. 1056-1058).  Barnes and Noble 
carries this book ("The Art of Electronics"), if you want to read before
you buy.  It should also be in any university library.

Good luck,


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