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Tom May tom at go2net.com
Sat Nov 6 22:10:38 CET 1999

Roel Das <roelrules at yahoo.com> writes:

> - Multiphonic mode, just one algorithm to decide which
> note gets stolen. (The oldest one. I don't really see
> the advantage in the other algorithms... Someone?)

There is also the choice of which voice to assign to when you have
several free voices to choose from.

I've been playing a Juno-106 lately, and as far as I can work out one
of the poly modes is least-recently-used, *except* that if the note
you are hitting has already been assigned to a voice then it just
retriggers that voice.  That turns out to be handy for something, but
I forget what.  Anyway, I like that mode, it seems intuitive and

The other poly mode seems to be "first available", in which if you
play a mono line all notes will assigned to the same voice, which is
great for mono lines but gets non-intuitive for me when I play more
than one note.  It works for certain styles but I have to think pretty
hard about what I'm doing.

> Anyone of you ever bothered of tuning the equipement
> with a screwdriver?

Yes.  Screwdrivers rule because they are analog, and you can get
things tuned as close as you want.  On the other hand, with digital I
presume you'd get it set as close as possible and then play some music
instead of tweaking pots for another half hour.


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