Harry Bissell harrybissell at prodigy.net
Sat Nov 6 22:17:42 CET 1999

Hi Christian
Welcome to the list...

For a simple complete synth I'd recommend a kit from PAiA electronics called
the Fatman... you'll get all the parts with it. It has "linear VCO" which
(IMHO) sucks... but some list members will disagree... www.paia.com They
also have a new model which includes the Midi-CV converter and is a little
more sophisticated...

If you have a little more skill (or guts) go for the Mad Mouse synth
designed by TomG of the list... You buy (or make your own pcb) and buy
everything yourself. The parts are available from Mouser electronics...
check with TomG for the information. See www.xavax.com/efm   (electronics
for music).

Another favorite seems to be the ASM-1 by Gene Stopp... check websites by
Gene and Magnus Danielson (sp??? sorry Magnus). You buy the board and get
your own parts...

Both the ASM and Mad Mouse are 1 volt / octave control which, except for
certain list members who will go unnamed (you know who you are, Juergen :^),
is the more common standard. (there that was politically correct....) 1 volt
per Octave will involve getting some hard to find parts called Tempco
resistors... but we can tell you where to get them...

You need a Midi to CV converter to get the keyboard control voltages, and a
midi keyboard. PAiA and lots of others have kits for these... And a midi

or: you can build your own keyboard to control voltage unit yourself...
press a key... get a voltage...

I've left out prices since you are in Germany... but chack these web sites
and you'll be O.K.

Enjoy DIY and welcome...

:^) Harry

Christian Baumann wrote:

> Hello to all,
> I´m new here on the list and I´m very happy that I had found a
> mailinglist about construction of synthi´s. Normally I want to buy a
> synhti, but I haven´t found the right machine for me and also I have no
> money for it, because I still have another expensive hobby.
> At the moment I have a Generalmusic keyboard, but I use it with a
> creative live value soundcard and using soundfonts because it sounds
> very well. And there is a touch of synthi.
> I´m 20 and I´m on a technical grammar school because of electronics. In
> the last electronics lessons, we talked about oscillator-circuits using
> RC or LC components.
> Then we build one of this circuits in the lab and we get a nice sine. I
> took a speaker  and we could hear a peep, which could be adjusted. That
> was the point, where I wanted to build a synthi, because I love
> developing something with electronics. For my other hobby , astronomy, I
> build myself  a CCD-Camera for long integrated images of astronomical
> objekts.Of course I had a book which told me how to do it.
> I´d like to know how difficult it is to build a synthi and how much
> would it cost ??
> Are there some books about it which explain the parts of synthi like the
> VCO if possible in german ??
> How good is the sound of such a synthi, is it mono or stereo ??
> These are my questions for the first, thanks for your reply.
> Greetings
> Christian

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