cv to midi???

J. Larry Hendry jlarryh at
Sat Nov 6 17:28:37 CET 1999

>.., wrote:
> does anyone know of any circuit, diy or commercial,
> that will convert a cv signal to midi controller?

>The easiest thing is to use the cv pedal input of a keyboard.

> Dave:
> Could you send it in the "Breath control" of a DX7?????  What is the
> "PINOUT?" =-)  of that jack, anyone know????   And in what form and
> does the breth controler send it's data in?  I've gota try this one,
> idea Ingo!   Dave.

Well, I am not sure this really fits the intent of the original question. 
However, the breath controls do not output a voltage at all, they are
supplied voltage by the device the are controlling.  But, if you want to
talk that vintage Yamaha gear, the MCS2 would convert breath controller, or
foot switch, or foot controller, to MIDI.  It had 2 FS inputs, 2 controller
inputs, and internal controls to send program change, pitch bend, mod
wheel, and two more slide controllers.

However, none of this stuff worked from any voltage inputs "normally."  It
was all variable resistance of the external device.  But, I suppose that
does not necessarily preclude one from putting the appropriate voltage on
the correct pin of the input jack if the expected voltage range was known.

Sounds like that could be fun.  Anyone here have experience with putting a
CV into a Yamaha external controller connection?  I've got a couple of
these MCS2s and this sounds interesting.

Larry Hendry

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