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Like an Oberheim Cyclone?

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From: Grant Richter <grichter at execpc.com>
To: Roel Das <roelrules at yahoo.com>; synthdiy <synth-diy at mailhost.bpa.nl>
Date: Friday, November 05, 1999 3:33 PM
Subject: Re: midi-cv endwork progress...

>One thing I would like to see implemented is
>the MIDI equivalent of a Looper. A small sequencer
>with just record then play that would automatically
>loop the MIDI events between record and play.
>Like hitting infinite loop on a digital delay.
>The Synthi AKS sequencer works like this and
>is a very musical tool for space/trance/ambient.
>> From: Roel Das <roelrules at yahoo.com>
>> To: synthdiy <synth-diy at mailhost.bpa.nl>
>> Subject: midi-cv endwork progress...
>> Date: Friday, November 05, 1999 1:15 PM
>> I've been reading manuals of Kenton en Encore
>> midi-cv's lately, here's what i found, to keep you all
>> informed...
>> This is VERY interesting lecture for anyone who ever
>> wants to build something alike. The midi-exclusive
>> chapter usally contains an address map! You already
>> know half of the registers you need.
>> What i'll try to build in mine, from what i've read; 
>> - LFO's, for sure. Fun to play with, and all the
>> professional models have this. (My promotor told me, i
>> should IMPROVE what's already available, or do the
>> same at very low cost...) 
>> The LFO's would have different waveforms (a table,
>> quite easy to implement, right?), AND i will add
>> different sync sources/modes.
>> They should be syncable with MIDI-Clock, in a simple
>> reset-way (as in the Encore expressionist) but also in
>> the complexer way Kenton does it, the wavelength is
>> adapted to match the clock (I'd use one of the timers
>> avaiable on the processor to measure this). And a
>> reset-way sync with key-on.  
>> - Maybe add an AD(D)SR, programmable. Velocity-control
>> on this?
>> - Multiphonic mode, just one algorithm to decide which
>> note gets stolen. (The oldest one. I don't really see
>> the advantage in the other algorithms... Someone?)
>> - Monophonic; with note priorities: newest, lowest,
>> highest and something i really want to add:
>> arpeggiator; up, down, up/down, (maybe random in a
>> way? There's an easy way to implement a pseudorandom
>> generator digitally... Don't know if it works with
>> three or four bits...) 
>> - maybe an easy sequencer type thing, for example, you
>> press one note and you play chords (chord memory) or a
>> lick (cfr arpeggio?)
>> - maybe midi-exclusive. MIDI-upgrades would be a
>> challenge and easy to make corrections/add-ons
>> afterwards...
>> And some questions:
>> Which ranges of control voltages should i foresee?
>> for key-cv and other cv? 
>> Usefull and useless trigger-modes?
>> Other standards, cfr rolands preMIDI, WASP, SYNC24?
>> Which are important? Anyone know if i have to get
>> permission to implement these?
>> Anyone of you ever bothered of tuning the equipement
>> with a screwdriver? Encore is proud of having this
>> programmable, Kenton does it the screwdriver way... I
>> think menus are just as bad to work with... 
>> Greetings 
>> roel
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