midi-cv endwork progress...

Roel Das roelrules at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 5 20:15:32 CET 1999

I've been reading manuals of Kenton en Encore
midi-cv's lately, here's what i found, to keep you all
This is VERY interesting lecture for anyone who ever
wants to build something alike. The midi-exclusive
chapter usally contains an address map! You already
know half of the registers you need.
What i'll try to build in mine, from what i've read; 

- LFO's, for sure. Fun to play with, and all the
professional models have this. (My promotor told me, i
should IMPROVE what's already available, or do the
same at very low cost...) 
The LFO's would have different waveforms (a table,
quite easy to implement, right?), AND i will add
different sync sources/modes.
They should be syncable with MIDI-Clock, in a simple
reset-way (as in the Encore expressionist) but also in
the complexer way Kenton does it, the wavelength is
adapted to match the clock (I'd use one of the timers
avaiable on the processor to measure this). And a
reset-way sync with key-on.  

- Maybe add an AD(D)SR, programmable. Velocity-control
on this?

- Multiphonic mode, just one algorithm to decide which
note gets stolen. (The oldest one. I don't really see
the advantage in the other algorithms... Someone?)

- Monophonic; with note priorities: newest, lowest,
highest and something i really want to add:
arpeggiator; up, down, up/down, (maybe random in a
way? There's an easy way to implement a pseudorandom
generator digitally... Don't know if it works with
three or four bits...) 

- maybe an easy sequencer type thing, for example, you
press one note and you play chords (chord memory) or a
lick (cfr arpeggio?)

- maybe midi-exclusive. MIDI-upgrades would be a
challenge and easy to make corrections/add-ons

And some questions:

Which ranges of control voltages should i foresee?
for key-cv and other cv? 

Usefull and useless trigger-modes?

Other standards, cfr rolands preMIDI, WASP, SYNC24?
Which are important? Anyone know if i have to get
permission to implement these?

Anyone of you ever bothered of tuning the equipement
with a screwdriver? Encore is proud of having this
programmable, Kenton does it the screwdriver way... I
think menus are just as bad to work with... 

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