Mikko Helin helin at uta.fi
Fri Nov 5 14:45:44 CET 1999

On Fri, 5 Nov 1999, Batz Goodfortune wrote:

> Y-ellow Y'all.
> 	Ok I know this is heading into OT's ville again but I need to know some
> rather intimate stuff about some Hoontech cards if anyone here knows about
> 'em. Not your usual run of the mill stuff. Any1  here know about the 2
> sample playback cards they make?

ST Digital Audio 4ch and 16ch? They use the Dream (www.dream.fr)
chips, which are also used on Terratec EWS cards (except on EWS88MT),
Guillemot ISIS and Maxisound. I think (know actually) that Hoontech 
has close relations to Dream and their implementation is best. The 
4ch cards looks nice for the price, beats SB Live! any day. I used
to have the ISIS, though not for long (got the EWS88MT for pure audio
stuff and for low-latency ASIO & VST stuff), but
the sound quality for the sampler was fine, I liked the 
rez filter, it was more aggressive than that of Roland or Yamaha filters,
and there's and option to use either the 2-pole or 4-pole
filters. The Hoontech MIDI soundbank editor also looks
better than that of ISIS. In Europe (not for Batz) www.ridi.com
sells their stuff, and also www.sescomputers.co.uk in UK.
Good buy, and has lots of options for FX etc. Two DSP's on card,
with max 16Mb RAM, 20-bit output resolution (synth only, the
audio I/O is only 16 bit). I'm going to buy that card some day or another.

The 16ch version is overkill, the implementation of I2S interfaces
with the Dream chip is OK, but it doesn't have pure PCI I/O interface,
so they have to use another chip to get the data from Dream DSP
to PCI to PC. 16 ch in and out with so ineffective way is waste
of resources, IMHO, and that's why I bought the EWS88MT with
IC Ensembles Envy24 controller and excellent drivers (12 ms
latency is nice with the Neon synth on VST, and it's quite simple
to write own synth modules etc. stuff if you have the time).


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