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Fri Nov 5 14:44:53 CET 1999

I remember there being a discussion about this IC recently. I just got a dead 
Dark Star for $25 from a freind of mine who swapped the supply rails, adn 
blew it up all that happens is the led lights. Are these IC's available 
anywhere, and does anybody know what kind of damage that would do to this 
circuit? Now that I've taken a look, it seems pretty simple. looks like the 
8v regulator is open. i'm gonna pop down to my local parts shop and pick up 
some 324's and the 7808/78L05. I wonder if Mr. Blacet would be able to help 
me out with this. oh yeah this is one of the "new" ones not the one from the 
early 80's,I think he bought it about a year ago. Also I checked out the  ROM 
version on my EPS and it's ver 1.20 guess thats why it doesnt work with that 
expander. anybody out there have an EPS keyboard with a newer os version? or 
any kind of expansion/newer ROM's...

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