Ingo Debus debus at
Fri Nov 5 08:35:14 CET 1999

Martin Czech wrote:
> :::How about using MLS (maximum length sequence)?
> :::
> :::BTW, there's a nice program for Atari Falcon that does this (and many
> :::other things). It's called NFMP. You get the impulse respone of anything
> :::very easy.
> MLS is used for a couple of things...  What is the specific function here?

I'm too lazy now to translate the description from NFMP... I post the
original German text to Martin.

> What do you mean by "get the impulse respone of anything very easy" ?

NFMP outputs the MLS, records the response and calculates the impulse
response (and frequency response) from it.


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