Arp Quartet cheap?

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Fri Nov 5 07:08:30 CET 1999

>Its no secret whats inside the top octave generator... its just 
>digital dividers
>that have the 12th root of 2 relationship to each other. If anyone 
>has the data
>sheet it will tell what the division ratios are... A PLA FPGA etc 
>could do this, or
>even good old CMOS logic. An 8 bit divider would give acceptable 
>accuracy in most
>cases... more bits are better.
>Somewhere in the junk drawer I have an old paper that has some best 
>fit ratios. I
>could find it... interest ????

I've heard tell of it being done with MCU's. Even if you had to use 
twelve little OTP's it would be ridiculously cheap... However you do 
it it would be easy to go one step further and make it a retrofit.

As I recall the cheesy poly section in the MG-1 (NOT Paul's idea) 
using a 125kHz clock.

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