[OT] Morals

Scott Gravenhorst chordman at flash.net
Thu Nov 4 19:06:24 CET 1999

"Nicholas Thompson" <nickt at apple.com> wrote:
>Are you saying that it's OK for people to pirate stuff on the list but not
>to contest that this is immoral, or are you saying that the guy should not
>have offered to pirate the stuff in the first place?

I am not making a moral judgement.  It's illegal and using the list
to advertise it is abuse of the list.  Two distinctly different things,
both wrong.  But abusing the list like that could get it shut down and
hurt more people than the people he stole from.  Many wrongs.

>y'see I really have a problem with the guy posting his offer of pirated
>software to the list.  I like the list a lot, and like you (I think) I want
>to see the list concentrate on electronics.  

Yes!  As I have posted twice now (erm 3 times with this one and I
promise, this is my last comment on this thread.)

>For me the list offers the
>antithesis to stealing because it's a community where we can learn from or
>share each other's ideas (though of course many of the circuits are based on
>products that are no longer sold or marketed, but no one here is doing an
>exact clone of, say, an MS-20 using Korg's original layout so it's not the
>same as piracy).  

And they are not preventing someone from making a rightful income by
doing so either.  This is very different from pirating software that
is still in production.

>And I've bought circuit boards from people like Chris
>MacDonald and Tom Gamble because I'd like to support the work they are
>doing.  And I think that that contribution is important, just as buying
>software rather than stealing it is important.

I think most of us agree with this.

>I'm not gonna post anything else about this to the list, but I'd also like
>to see a gentleman's agreement that we keep on topic.  This guys responses
>(wils0450 at tc.umn.edu) have been way arrogant almost like a troll, and it
>would be cool if he'd at least acknowlege that.

Way agreed.  As I said above, I'll keep quite on this now.  I only
commented because sysPH at NTopUS was such an arrogant little twerp.

I R done.

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