How can I sound like Rick wakeman?

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 ---- On Nov  4 "Mark Cornell" <cornellm.student at> wrote: 
> Thanks for all the replys.
> There all really helpful, and I do already have the
> tight pants. The best help was:
> 1. using a mixture of LFO and noise as a modulation
>    source.
> This sounds good. I'm planning on building an ASM-1 soon,
> as my first synth. Can an ASM-1 do this?
> 2. Minimoog type portamento, with a linear response time.
> Great, how can I get hold of something which does this?

Build this... simple and effective !!!
> 3. Two or more oscillators tuned several octaves apart.
> This sounds good. Forgive me for my ignorance, but is that
> in effect, like playing several different sounds at
> once, octaves apart, but still being monophonic?
> How does this work? Does it use 2 or more VCOs that
> are routed through together? how do they get combined
> to make the final sound? As you can probably tell,
> I'm not too hot on exactly how these synths work. I
> kind of understand bits.

Yes thats right... then you mix the VCO outputs together
> Does a VCO generate the Raw Waveform like saw, square
> sine wave etc?

> Then what do you do with it?

Filter it with a resonant/lowpass/whatever VCF and give it volume changes with a VCA...
> I know you can modulate it to make some kind of vibrato
> or whatever, but how does that work?
> I know you can filter it, but what's all that about
Different Harmonic spectra (more/ less highs... resonance "waa-waa" sound etc...)
> 3. Keyboard technique. Set the keyboard to lowest note priority,
>    make a smooth flowing sound with just a hint of
>    portamento. Play a note, hold it, and rapidly press
>    and release (several times) the note a 5th, 8ve, or 2nd below.
> Yes! This is great! I have a cheapo yamaha small keys
> rubbish toy FM synth at home, and I just about managed
> to get it to make that kind of thing. I can see this
> is how it's done. My Keyboard technique is pretty good,
> not meaning to blow my own trumpet or anything. I just
> want to get into the whole DIY synth side of things, to
> make some of my own nice sounds.
> What I was particularly interested in, is how he got the
> tone colour in the first place ie. what kind of waves
> and stuff he used, and how he filtered them, but all of
> these things have been really helpful.
> Any more help would be great.
> Cheers.
> Mark.
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