DSS-1 hacking

Netroin at aol.com Netroin at aol.com
Thu Nov 4 23:18:12 CET 1999

Ok, so an EPS isint analog =(, but my dss-1 is and as far as I know it's got 
analog filters. I really would like to hack some controls into it such as 
pots for cutoff,mod,res
 feedback and time for the delays. I'm pretty sure panel space wont be a 
I'm getting tired of pushing that one slider around.Anybody out there know 
what chips korg used for the filters in this puppy? CEM? 3320? are they the 
same as the ones in a poly 800? I've heard about replacing the uP and OS roms 
to speed up disk access. also while i'm at it it seems that my EPS mem 
expander IS fine, checked all the resistors,caps, all fine I even replaced 
the '04/'07.....anybody? I'm dying here. 

::synth youve been gone i've sampled others::

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