[OT] Morals

Rory McDonald rmcdonald at viewtech.com
Thu Nov 4 22:34:29 CET 1999

Here here...I dont mind OT stuff as long as it is
friendly and SOMEWHAT list related.
By the way, if you want to chat about old synthesizers,hookups, models and
patches, uses etc (non-DIY) I have started a list called OLDSYNTH at
I hope I am not stepping on anyone on this list, because SYNTH-DIY is
absolutely great! I have learned more about electronics from this list then
anywhere else.

Feel free to join OLDSYNTH for non-diy discussions, but
flaming is not cool...(I hope this isnt coming off like an advert- I just
meant to help)
-Rory Mc Donald
Oldsynth moderator 

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List admin?  Can we please quash this, right now?  I hate to
see this list begin to resemble AH after so many years of
not doing so.

Let's please get back to music electronics.

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