OT: Piracy

Alex Stettler x_ray at hanfi.com
Thu Nov 4 22:23:12 CET 1999

Hello all!

Well, I know, that this is software piracy. And that I shouldn't publish
where to get it and where to crack...
But, if some people want to know, if there is any good PCB software, I only
wanted to know them.
Of course it isn't the best solution to publish this in the List/Web but I
personally know the problem,
that if you have really complex circuits, then it takes many hours to make
the layout by hand.

So I would say, the best solutions are:

1. I take the files away, and anyone can look for his PCB-Software without
those damn demo limitations for himself.

2. I leave the files on the FTP account and anybody who's further interested
contacts me privatly by e-mail.

And as a last thing I've to say, that some of you are somewhat unfair. First
they want to know where to get it and if I could put it up in the Web or
send them by mail, but as soon as the informations are present, they are
talking of software piracy and so on.

That's all I've to say.

So again I'm sorry for this. I only wanted to help.


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