Arp Quartet cheap?

WeAreAs1 at WeAreAs1 at
Thu Nov 4 21:27:16 CET 1999

Rory McDonald wrote:

<<There is an Arp Quartet on eBay (not mine, I just noticed it), not working

(no sound output, but everything else looks ok-opamp?) -could be a bargain

for a DIY'er.>>

...or it could wind up as another white elephant in the attic, if its top 
octave divider chip has gone bad.  As far as I know, these chips are not 
available anywhere anymore.  They are a common point of failure in string 
ensembles.  If anyone knows where they can be purchased, please let the list 
know.  (Mostek 50240 and variations thereof)

Michael Bacich

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