Arp Quartet cheap?

Sean Costello costello at
Thu Nov 4 20:16:25 CET 1999

Rory McDonald wrote:
> There is an Arp Quartet on eBay (not mine, I just noticed it), not working
> (no sound output, but everything else looks ok-opamp?) -could be a bargain
> for a DIY'er.
> I got too much stuff already, so I am not bidding.
> -Rory M

The bid is already up to $168.50, which is WAY too much for one of
these, even if it is in working order. This is not a "real" ARP - it is
a relabeled string machine from Siel, I believe. I don't think that it
is a particularly nice string machine - it is certainly no match for the
ARP String Ensemble (a relabeled Solina) or something like a Crumar

Sean Costello

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