[OT] Morals

SYSph@ntOPus wils0450 at tc.umn.edu
Thu Nov 4 17:31:32 CET 1999

Allright, I tried to take it private, but since you want it public....

On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Fraser, Colin J wrote:

> I didn't make any moral statement.
> You didn't hear it either, you read it.
And I assumed you were intelligent.

> It's a fact that 'warez' are not acceptable to many list members, and that
> copyright theft is illegal, so advertising the fact that you have pirate
> software on your web site is pretty stupid.
Never said it was smart. 

> 'Piracy is freedom' sound like the words of a 17 year old El33t WaReZ D00D
> fuckwit.
Obscenities always garner results, in my experience.

> I hope you're being ironic.
I doubt you'd clock it if I was.

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