[OT] Morals

Fraser, Colin J Colin.Fraser at scottishpower.plc.uk
Thu Nov 4 16:05:11 CET 1999

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> Keep 'em to yourself or send them privately. Either way, I 
> don't want to
> hear your holier than thou creedo. I've seen this crap on the list
> enough times already and now I'm already crabby this morning.
> Piracy is freedom. 

I didn't make any moral statement.
You didn't hear it either, you read it.

It's a fact that 'warez' are not acceptable to many list members, and that
copyright theft is illegal, so advertising the fact that you have pirate
software on your web site is pretty stupid.

'Piracy is freedom' sound like the words of a 17 year old El33t WaReZ D00D
I hope you're being ironic.

Colin f

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