How can I sound like Rick wakeman?

Mark Cornell cornellm.student at
Thu Nov 4 14:00:14 CET 1999

Thanks for all the replys.

There all really helpful, and I do already have the
tight pants. The best help was:

1. using a mixture of LFO and noise as a modulation

This sounds good. I'm planning on building an ASM-1 soon,
as my first synth. Can an ASM-1 do this?

2. Minimoog type portamento, with a linear response time.

Great, how can I get hold of something which does this?

3. Two or more oscillators tuned several octaves apart.

This sounds good. Forgive me for my ignorance, but is that
in effect, like playing several different sounds at
once, octaves apart, but still being monophonic?
How does this work? Does it use 2 or more VCOs that
are routed through together? how do they get combined
to make the final sound? As you can probably tell,
I'm not too hot on exactly how these synths work. I
kind of understand bits.

Does a VCO generate the Raw Waveform like saw, square
sine wave etc?

Then what do you do with it?

I know you can modulate it to make some kind of vibrato
or whatever, but how does that work?

I know you can filter it, but what's all that about

3. Keyboard technique. Set the keyboard to lowest note priority,
   make a smooth flowing sound with just a hint of
   portamento. Play a note, hold it, and rapidly press
   and release (several times) the note a 5th, 8ve, or 2nd below.

Yes! This is great! I have a cheapo yamaha small keys
rubbish toy FM synth at home, and I just about managed
to get it to make that kind of thing. I can see this
is how it's done. My Keyboard technique is pretty good,
not meaning to blow my own trumpet or anything. I just
want to get into the whole DIY synth side of things, to
make some of my own nice sounds.

What I was particularly interested in, is how he got the
tone colour in the first place ie. what kind of waves
and stuff he used, and how he filtered them, but all of
these things have been really helpful.

Any more help would be great.


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