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> Subject: Protel98
> Some weeks ago someone asked for PCB-Software. Then I 
> recommended Protel 98.
> So here it is: The size of the whole package is about 53MB

A couple of points -

It's probably not a good idea to offer cracked software here.
You'll only piss people off, and potentially get thrown off the list.

Secondly, Protel 99 is available for free download from their web site, and
the crack for the time limit is readily available, so it's a waste of time
downloading 98.

Personally, I don't think Protel will be losing the $5000 purchase price
from any home electronics enthusiasts with a cracked version who might have
bought it, but piracy is still theft.
Don't screw people unless you like being screwed yourself.

Colin f

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