neat cheapo synth toy

Dan Gendreau gendreau at
Thu Nov 4 02:06:45 CET 1999

> From: WeAreAs1 at [mailto:WeAreAs1 at]
> You know, maybe the toy at the website isn't the same one that Daniel
> Gendreau was telling us about.  Daniel, could you go that site
> and look at
> it, then tell us if it's the same one you bought?  It doesn't
> have the same
> name as the one you mentioned.

I'm not sure which web site you are refering to, but a yahoo search for
"voicemaster changer" yeilded:

This is exactly the same item. Just a different name. The web site says $20,
but when I went into spencers on monday, they had clearanced them for $10...

-Dan G.

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