neat cheapo synth toy

WeAreAs1 at WeAreAs1 at
Thu Nov 4 01:24:09 CET 1999

You know, maybe the toy at the website isn't the same one that Daniel 
Gendreau was telling us about.  Daniel, could you go that site and look at 
it, then tell us if it's the same one you bought?  It doesn't have the same 
name as the one you mentioned.  The web site shows the "Voicemaster Changer", 
while you described yours as a "Space Wars Galactic voice synthesizer".  
Yours sounds so much more bitchen.  Then again, "Voicemaster Changer" versus 
"Space Wars Galactic voice synthesizer" sounds kind of like a Saturday night 
headline bill from the WWF.  Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!

Michael B.

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