Alex Stettler x_ray at
Wed Nov 3 23:25:10 CET 1999

Hello all!

Some weeks ago someone asked for PCB-Software. Then I recommended Protel 98.

So here it is: The size of the whole package is about 53MB

I've split it into 11 packages (plus batch file) each 5MB in size. So it
would be easier to download. Because I can upload maximum 20MB to my FTP
account, I've uploaded the first three packages.

In the next week or later I will upload the next three ones and so on.
Before I'm going to change the FTP site, I'll send a mail to the list, so
which couldn't download the files could mail me then.

IMPORTANT: Don't try to decompress any of these files. As the last file I'll
		put up a batch file. This will decompress the packages and the
		result is a ZIP-File, which contains Protel98 and the crack program.

I'm very sorry, that I didn't put up it earlier, but I worked, or better
said I'm still working on a high-school project
(Radar) so I hadn't the time to do this.


PS: Enjoy the download!

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