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Wed Nov 3 11:20:12 CET 1999

Y-ellow Y'all.
	An ultratech isn't a synth. It's just this poorly designed speaking tool
for disable people. And mine is broken. Again! 

The damn things cost nearly 700 bux and my dog drops better designs in the
garden than this. The culprit is this kinda plastic ribbon cable stuff that
joins the two halves. You know the kind of stuff. You see it all the time
in portable and sometimes not so portable gear. It's flat and flexible with
30 conductors on a laminate of plastic. Some times you see it plugged into
a kind of slot connector but this one is soldered. Well this stupid stuff
isn't so flexible and after a bit of use the conductors break in the same
manner that you could break a wire by continually flexing it.

The first time it broke was only 2 months after I got it. I did a quick fix
job with a couple of bits of some very fine wire but now 6 or 7 others have
also broken. It breaks because it's cheap and nasty and stiff, and they've
made it have to bend almost on a knife point every time you want to use the
stupid thing. 

So. Does anyone know where I can get this kinda stuff? What it's called? A
suitably better solution than using it? I thought about replacing it with a
lump of ribbon cable but the spacing is so fine it wouldn't be such a good
idea. It's about the same spacing as an SMD.

The thing is, whilst people can hear me in very low ambient noise level
situations, out on the street it's mostly impossible.

On the other hand it's got a relatively nice LCD display on it. But I think
$675 bux is a lot to pay for an LCD.

Thanks in advance.

Be absolutely Icebox.

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