Ensoniq EPS

Netroin at aol.com Netroin at aol.com
Wed Nov 3 12:24:21 CET 1999

Anyone out there have any schematics/info on this dinosaur of a sampler? I 
picked one of these up recently in hopes of adding SCSI to it. It had a 2x 
memory expansion when i got it, but not of the type that the SCSI kit would 
work with.
So I got another 2x expansion for it that will work w/ SCSI..only problem is 
when i installed the new 2x expander it says that my eps is un-expanded 
memory wise..
Taking a look inside(the expansion) shows  7407N,7404N and some weird SIPP 
type 256KB drams. I'm thinking about cannabalizing the exp' that came in it 
(it hase the same SIPP's). also anybody know how to make a 8 out expander for 
this puppy? I got this piece in hopes of having more ram for sampling and 
less disk swapping (my other 2 samplers being a prophet 2002 and a DSS-1), 
Any help would be appreciated.

::synth youve been gone i've sampled others::

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