neat cheapo synth toy

Daniel Gendreau gendreau at
Wed Nov 3 03:49:18 CET 1999

Everyone in the USA go to your local shopping mall, Go to Spencer Gifts and
buy the:
"Space Wars Galactic voice synthesizer" Its on clearance for $10 after
Its a cheapo voice changer box with 3 cheezoid effects:
1) Robotic: sounds like a very quantized 3-4 band vocoder effect
2) Alien: pitch shift up
3) Invader: pitch shift down

oh, and 4 Amplify: I dont consider this an effect...

No line in/out. Just A Mic and a Speaker, but it shouldnt be too hard to
mod. The sound quality isnt fantastic, but hey, what do you expect for $10.

Just thought some of you would want to know about this...
Have fun!,
-Dan G.

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