DeltaLab memory expansion

jhaible jhaible at
Tue Nov 2 21:21:53 CET 1999


after a fruitless search for a cheap digital delay that fits my needs, I
decided to expand the memory of my DeltaLab Effectron I. This box looks like
the cheapest one of an entire line of FX devices, and while covering Flanger
/ Chorus / Echo delay ranges, the Echo section is quite basic. You can tune
it from 250msec to 1sec with a knob that is shared by the LFO modulation
you can set positive or negative feedback (with a nice HF rolloff), and
about it.
I wanted to have at least the double delay time (2sec is still not much, but
it's way more useful than 1sec.), a non-deteriorating infinite repeat switch
("Loop"), and the ability to record a 1sec Loop first and then double it to
2sec, to add more input signal on the 2sec loop afterwards.
As it turned out, this is quite easy to accomplish on the ADM1020 (and
probably on other DeltaLab products, too.)

You can find a description at .


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