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Tue Nov 2 16:17:54 CET 1999

On Tue, 02 Nov 1999 07:38:26 -0600 Bill Layer 
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> This would be far in advance of current technology. The 
> current vacuum tube VCO are sawtooth 
> relaxation-oscillators, not capable of Sines or 

Why is this? A multi-waveform VCO can be designed using 
discrete transistors, why not the same with triodes, etc.? 
> >  I think that this could be an incredibly
> >PHAT sounding oscillator.
> I guess I should make a recording of my tube VCO with a 
> couple of (SS) filters applied.. The files I heard on 
> Eric's site do not do the machine justice..

I'd love to hear this!
> PS In exchange for a beer, I'd be happy to send a 2D21 
> Thyratron to anyone building the VCO. This is the only 
> strange tube in the circuit.
Do you really want me to send you a beer? How about a 
CX1159 (very high power gas-filled thyratron) instead for a 
20KV high output VCO!
Doug Tymofichuk
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