Martin Czech martin.czech at
Tue Nov 2 15:29:46 CET 1999

:::	>:::... try popping a balloon.  Voila, one sudden pressure wave.
:::	>
:::	>Good! Maybe they wouldn't arrest me with somthing obviously
:::harmless like a ballon...
:::Bring your little niece (or whatever) to the cathedral, and tell her to cry
:::when some guard
:::wouldn't let her take the balloon inside, but *not* to cry when you use the
:::needle ...

Good idea. I could persuade my sister, she's 25 ;->>

Or even better: 

Tourist and me in the cathedral:

I: Sir, could you please make a foto of me with  this "camera".
   Just push the red button when I tell you...

Tourist: Oh, well ....


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