Tube Challenge!!

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  Phattytron lives here ;-
  For schematics of Valve synths try here ;-

  Eric Barbour is the guy built these, he reads this list.
I have always found him to be an approachable guy and
incredibly helpful (thankyou eric).


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>So, any brave souls up to the challenge? 

Hmm... I have seen some schemos for a tube synth some time
ago (it was called the "Phattytron", but i don not remember who
biult it), all other tube synth makers seem to withhold their schemos
fom general public.
For myself, i have been thinking of building my own tybe modular,
but i was confused about which voltages to use. Most tube schemos
i have seen are using different ant mostly crude voltages; and for
obvious reasons i shy away from making a separate power supply
for each of the modules.

So, my question to all others would be: Which voltages sould be
present in a modular´s cabinet ? In my personal opinion, i would
use only +-150V, so that we could use all kinds of generic (and
inexpensive tubes).

But another question comes to my mind: is it ok for a user of a tube
synth to use a solid state amp to drive his speakers ? ....

-Michael Buchstaller

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