Tube Challenge!!

Doug Tymofichuk dougt at
Mon Nov 1 20:22:50 CET 1999

Happy Monday, everyone!

I have been thinking about this tube vs solid state thing 
all weekend. (Oh no!)  I would like to send out a challenge 
to the tube gurus out there who are "carrying the torch". 
(Arrggh, not ANOTHER tube/solid state flame war!)

There are numerous sites on the web where DIY solid state 
projects can be found, enabling anybody with some time and 
motivation to build basic but effective synth stuff. But 
what about tubes? I have not searched exhaustively for tube 
projects in particular, so maybe I have missed something, 
but there just does not seem to be a lot out there.

Here is my challenge; I would like to see somebody come up 
with some synth DIY tube projects on a website designed for 
the tube novice. For starters, how about a VCO built 
entirely from a few common tubes (12AX7 etc.), that 
produces various waveforms, with V/Oct scaling and FM 
input. Details regarding design and features could be 
discussed on the list, for those interested, just as is 
done for solid state projects. And judging by what tubes 
sound like to me, I think that this could be an incredibly 
PHAT sounding oscillator. If successful, a whole series of 
modules could then be designed, allowing one to build 
their own all-tube modular synth. Then everyone could see 
for themselves what the advantages and disadvantages are.

So, any brave souls up to the challenge? 
Doug (obviously thinking WAY too much) Tymofichuk
dougt at

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