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James Husted jhusted at
Mon Nov 1 17:32:57 CET 1999

I'm getting into this thread a little late I guess, but I need to ask - Has
anyone seen the Schematics of the Doepfer modules? If it's the idea of the
Morphing/schanning module is what this is about, I can say I've had the same
idea for a module ever since I saw my first wavestation. Now my design chops
are not even close to Juergen's or Doepfers so my ideas never went into the
physical world but I can say for sure that the *concept* for a module just
like these was thought of in my head also (without knowing of the work of
JH's) quite some time ago (my first designs were all manual, made with
photocells and tinted gels for christ sake). I haven't looked at the dates,
what is the chronlogy of these similar-concept devices (ie. morpheus,
wavestation, vector VS, scanner, morphing module, etc.)? Which came first?
Now if the schematic of the Doepfer device is like JH's, if I were JH, I'd
*REALLY* be pissed off, especially  since right on the schemo it says
"Copyright 1994 J. Haible FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY". That's enough for Me and
the US copyright laws.

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>>From: Dr. Jörg Schmitz [SMTP:schmitz at]
>>Hi all !
>>Take a look at Doepfers Homepage with his new Modules !
>>  or
>> .
>>Juergen, are you working for Doepfer now ?
>>Or did you give your permission for taking these ideas from your
>>homepage ?
>>J.S. (surprised, and thinking about copyrights....)

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