making panels beautiful

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Mon Nov 1 16:57:59 CET 1999

If you don't mind the work, use the finest sandpaper you can find to hit the
worst of the scraches, then buff alot with some toothpaste. The non-gel
white types are the good ones. I used to do Plexiglass art and it was the
only thing to turn the edges back to smooth.

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>From: Hess Hodge <Hess.Hodge at Colorado.EDU>
>To: Synth-DIY <synth-diy at>
>Subject: making panels beautiful
>Date: Sat, Oct 30, 1999, 6:27 PM

> Hello all,
> I have been working on some faceplates and I was hoping that some of you
> could give me some advice.  The panels are 1/8" thick aluminum and they
> are pretty beat up from me working with them (drilling holes, measuring,
> scratching, etc).  Anyone know how I can make them nice and shiny and
> smooth?  Should I use a high-grit sand-paper?  Some sort of buffing
> chemical?  Anybody have any tips or tricks?  Your help is appreciated...
> hess

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