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> Does someone know, where to get a CHEAP Eprom Programmer?
> I looked through many catalogs, but it didn't find a modell 
> for under 300$.
> This is too much for me.
> It could also be a kit, or a commercial tool.
> I've designed a programer myself, some months ago. It works, 
> but has some
> problems, for which I haven't the
> time to figure them out at the moment.

For development work, an eprom emulator is way more useful than a

This is a static RAM that you fit into the circuit your writing the firmware
for, with a flylead that connects to a port on your PC, and lets you
download code to the RAM.
A typical 32k emulated eprom will take around 20 seconds to download.

Compare that to the minimum 20 or 30 minute write-test-swear-erase cycle.

Colin f

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