DIY Sequencers

--M mitch at
Mon Nov 1 09:05:55 CET 1999

    I was searching the net for an analog sequencer, preferably in kit
form. I have found a few that look good I was wondering if any of you
have made any of these and or had any suggestions.

    There are two from the Blacet Research page that look very
interesting. The Digital patern generator and the Voltage controled
clock with event arranger. Heres a link to the pages

I guess these appeared as projects in synapse magazine in 1977-1978. The
other is a Sequencer from Electronics Today International Aug 1977, it
is listed as ETI 603. I found this on website which I have not since
been able to locate, if any of you could send the address to me that
would be great.



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