vco7c thermal results

tomg vco at
Mon Jan 25 22:25:44 CET 1999

I did a few experiments for the fun of it. I set the vco at 440hz then
sprayed freeze on the 3046 for 1 sec. freq went up to 582hz . It took it
about 60secs to recover to 440hz then after a little minor drifting
stabilizing at 440hz in about 3mins. Then I took my 45w iron and placed it
in the middle of the 3046 for 30secs. The freq went down to 382hz again it
took it about 60secs to recover to 440hz stabilizing in about 3mins. So I
got out the hair dryer full bore and max heat about 6" from the board for
30secs freq went down to 332hz and took about 5mins to fully recover.
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